Confused about Right Guy

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Confused about Right Guy

I'm helping someone who is confused about the guy she was with. If you have additional advice for this user, please comment below!

I had a user contact me about an issues she was having.  Please read her submitted problem below:

I am 21 yr old female. I was in a relationship with a 24 year old guy sinve the last two and a half years. He has been very loyal throughout. Our relationship began out of fun with no hopes for future. But as time passed i grew very serious for my career and upgraded myself a lot academically and eventually my views for life changed from an emotional point of view to a practical

Point of view.

My boyfriend had no career plans but was dependent on his ancestral assets to sell them and set up a business and did not have goals and aims as to become a self made man. His group of friends is also a moderately educated one and ones who have risen with their family business and not with their own efforts. I saw no commitment in my boyfriend ecen after he being elder to me and having promised to take the responsibility.i tried hard to explain him and get him up to a level i desired but after six months of efforts. He didn’t put those enough efforts to keep me happy. He took life too lineantly. Hence i broke up seeing our differences right from life philosophies to small daily life things!

Then after having a frustrated break with him, i went into another relationship. This time it is my bestfriend whom i know since a year. We bond very well. We are academically same. We have great dreams and goals and

Hustle for the same day ans night. He gets involved in my family and genuinely puts in efforts to keep me with him. I’m happy with my current boyfriend.

The only dount and guilt in my mind that haunts me is whther i left my ex boyfriend fo him not being employed and leaving him in the difficult phase of his

Life? I had been telling him for four months to search a job and do something temporarily but he didn’t take the immense efforta to fulfill my expectations.

Please suggest whether my guilt is real and I’m at fault or just temporary feelings of guilt?

Write your comments below on how you would handle this situation.

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