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S1E5 – Being Pushed Out – Newbie Favoritism

Good Day Everyone!  I hope this finds you well.  Today’s episode is about someone at work who’s having to deal with someone else who is lazy and being favored over them.


Here’s the original post:


We have a new woman at work to manage our branch location. It is only seasonal so she comes back to the main location after it closes. The issue I’m having is the woman is rather lazy, doesn’t want to be a team player (except kissing up to the owners) and gets paid as much as I do!!!

The owners let her “do her own thing” over at the branch location even though it she isn’t experienced in the retail business and knows very little of our specialized trade. Now that she’s back at the main location with us it’s been horrible. The owners left it up to me to train her because I ran that location successfully for many years. I tried showing her the ropes but she doesn’t follow through. I do all the cleaning and maintenance for the building while she sits in her office with nothing to do except play around on the company computer. The last time I asked her to help out she rolled her eyes at me! Plus, she chooses to isolate herself so we can’t even get to know her.

I’m at my wits end! I want to scream and cry and quit. (I’ve already started looking for another job.) A newbie gets hired – she’s one year younger than me – has no experience in this field and walks in and gets paid the same as I do! (Yes, I blame the owners just as much because she’s not getting paid what she is clearly worth.) I’ve been with this company for 13 years now and crawled my way to the top. I attempted to talk to the owners about all of us not being on the same page. (You’d figure us working in a really small business they would have noticed that she is getting paid to do nothing?) I’ve tried having a heart-to-heart with the new woman to no avail.

Do I pull back? (Obviously, you can get paid the same for doing less.)

Am I being pushed out?

How do I handle her?

Do I just put my head down and find another job?


Any advice would be really appreciated!


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