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S1E6 – Sexual Dysfunction

Hello again, faithful followers!  Today we’ve got a different twist on quite a common problem.  This issue is from a woman’s perspective on her male partner’s inability to perform; his sexual dysfunction.  I welcome any and all commentary on this as long as it’s appropriate and constructive.  Remember, these are people’s feelings and lives we’re trying to help them with.


Here’s the original post:

Thankyou for taking the time and reading my story. I need to share this unique situation I find myself in. I am married for the last 8 years. Married in 2009. Husband has sexual problems. He has erectile dis function. Cannot keep it hard. We could not consummate our marriage for good 6 years of our marriage. The little sex we’ve had is using Viagra but even that doesn’t help much. He is a great guy otherwise, someone I love care about and respect . Quite a gem really. He is nice to me. Sometimes I feel he is compensating for this deficiency. I feel very dissatisfied with my sex life which is next to nothing really. But the thought of divorce makes my heart sink. We have built a life together. No children yet , but we can try IVF. I want a normal sex life. I feel like running away sometimes, but my biggest fear is not finding the right partner and the thought of seeing him be alone kills me. I feel like my ability to trust a man is on the low. As well as lack of confidence in myself. Slowly I am trying to get my confidence back. I am 33 going on 34. Still a couple of good years left reproductively. I would leave if there was a chance at normal marriage , but I don’t have the confidence of finding the right partner. I have put on weight, went into depression. Slowly coming out of it. And all I can think of is having sex like a normal person. I am educated woman and I can look better if I lose weight. I need to know that I can leave this situation and dint have to stick it out . Cause everyday is so much pain.



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